GR Door is not a new name in shutter and door business. The man behind GR Doors, MR KB Goh has been involved in the business for more than twenty years. Assembling a team of experienced and trained employees, GR Doors manufactures, Fabricates and assemblies shutters and doors in house to achieve a repeatable quality.
In the ever cost rising environment, value that is quality to price, is paramount. It all starts with a good design and a good design saves cost. Constant abroad technical collaboration nevertheless helps perfecting a design; Incorporating innovative ideas and speed up product roll out.
GR Doors has continuously investing in machinery, tools and human capitals to stay ahead in the competition. All shutters and door undergo a strict quality control to ensure a high standard of workmanship. With own manufacturing facilities, GR door is able to respond to short lead help
Today's business is about sustainability, GR Door is progressive and forward thinking company. Service call is at your fingertips, you will not be left unattended. Check out today.
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